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Laura Gianetti

first performed on May 15, 2011
UNFORSEEN IV, Berlin, Germany
performed three times in 2011


Berlin, Germany


The European Goldfinch or Goldfinch (

Carduelis carduelis

) is a small passerine bird in the finch family. Its singing is based on quick repetitions and very beautiful and complex rhythms and tones. I wish to perform like a goldfinch sings.

“Carduelis Carduelis” is inspired by the goldfinch singing in a cage, jumping from one stick to the other. After analyzing several bird songs, I started to translate bird songs into a performance structure based on repetition of actions and some variations of this constructed structure.

Key elements of “Carduelis Carduelis” are the rhythm and the rhymes of the series of actions that create a kind of circular time similar to a song chorus. The 25-minute performance involves more than 20 objects and short and quick actions interacting with them. The actions open a semantic field related with birds and flying, in which the logical combination between objects and actions create an absurd performance universe that finally turns into an intriguing human-bird song.