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Le lieu

first performed on March 21, 2014
Le Lieu Art Center, Quebec City, Canada
performed once in 2014




this is a piece of art action that he named anti action he uses the word art action because the word performance doesn’t really exist in his mother tongue he asks us to note that this nonexistence has a direct consequence on the situation in his mother tongue performance means “exploit” anti action isn’t an “exploit” anti action is special it’s a mirror action that is taking place he calls it anti like antimatter anti doesn’t mean “against” we speak about antimatter when it has to do with space particles stars a special void that separates them that brings them together spin around in the same space unless that space is different disunited anti action is the negative the symmetry or almost the symmetry of the action as the antimatter is the opposite of the matter the opposite spins it isn’t an “anticoncept” it’s about the presence and the action spin anti action is present anti action is a low key presence it’s a potential that is charged and discharged anti action isn’t a hole it isn’t an interval anti action as antimatter isn’t an absence it’s a negative action that happened the presence in anti action needs a real effort we are completely involved we are not attending anti action because it isn’t a show it doesn’t have a surface nor volume nor limits nor greatness neither beginning nor end nor edge nor highness nor foundation spin nor gestures spin nor movement nor entry nor exit nor exactly a place but the combination of all those when the far is the close spin no time no actor no spectator no witness no beauty spin no force no peace no meaning spin anti action is a symmetry of images it’s an experience aroused anti action is neither present nor absent it continues from here or a little bit before with some luck