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Kelly Blackmon

first performed on October 29, 2015
empty storefront, Atlanta, GA
performed once in 2015


Erin Palovick, Pamela and her sons, Anicka Austin, Morgan Carlisle, Molly Rose Freeman

Atlanta, GA


“SpaceWalk” premiered October 29, 2015. The exhibition was the culmination of a year long residency with MINT gallery in Atlanta, GA, and was shown for one night at a satellite space in an empty storefront.

My goal with “SpaceWalk” was to create an alternate reality through an immersive environment. I employed the collaboration of performance artist Erin Palovick (interactive time hostess), musician Pamela_and her sons (original score), artist Molly Rose Freeman (body design) and dance artists Anicka Austin and Morgan Carlisle. I wanted to make use of the glass wall that functioned as a fishbowl style storefront. Feedback after the show that audience and passersby had stopped to watch this life-sized TV from the outside helped to feel that it had been an effective altered reality. The piece began with 25 minutes of walking meditation to the sounds of planets (Jupiter’s moon Io, the Sun and Saturn) before the score and dance movement cut in. Using repetitive movement and duration, I sought to embed an altered state and a form of transportation to get there. “SpaceWalk” is rooted in my deep love and admiration of Science Fiction. I used looping video footage of planes taking off. Erin, as the time and space hostess, took people for short walks during the performance alongside the dancers. Displacement and allure into the displaced were my guides.

From the program description:

I see sci-fi as an unaffected, malleable tool of repositioning and challenging through contradictory subtlety and uprooting.

How does that look on a body? Can I tell or re-tell you anything new? Let’s attempt. And leave the mystery exquisitely veiled in its fixed perpetual shadow. Like that Harry Potter death curtain. It’s waving constantly, but a one way thing. Or that trip that Dave took in 2001: a space odyssey / clearly a one way look on his face for the rest of the movie.

What if repetition and haunting were the kindest words—whispering one solid truth over and over.

...The deep Chronophobia of humans unlocks a pile of fears and a pile of well lit hearts, constantly self ambulating (what’s that word when you light yourself on fire...? I think that one means walking, which is also true. What a nice thought, that we are always taking our hearts on a walk). One last thought, about you: Bright star. You burn softly, quietly and always in the dark.