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Mazia Djab

first performed on September 29, 2016
Al-Tiba9 Algiers 2016 at Bardo National Museum opening ceremony, Algiers, Algeria
performed once in 2016


Algiers, Algeria


“I see the best and I do the worst” —Ovide.

The human condition is complex. The being is alone with his multiple natures, overwhelmed by desires, emotions, and passions. He has an eagerness to know the possible dimensions of his being. How to achieve the union between freedom and the constraints of the world? How to anchor me in the center of myself?

The performance lasts for seven minutes.

There is NO protection in this performance.

The two grinders generate sparks that fly directly at the body in a horizontal direction. They come from both sides, meeting in the center where the body is performing.

The moment with the most visual impact is when the body enters the FIRE. When the body is touched by the sparks it is transformed into the lightened body.

The body has to enter the fire. The grinders are fixed, the sparks aiming in the direction of the body from beginning to end.

The body positions are hybrids between spiritual and geometrical forms.

During the first step of the performance, the body is exhibited in a three-dimensional state in the material world. A connection with the spiritual world is made through the wearing of a black hood. This creates an alternative perception of reality, where pain and suffering don’t have existence through the physical body.

The next phase, the body entering the fire, is present in a process of a spiritual ritual, expressing The Religion of Love (El-Rumî).

This transgression allows the release of creative energies, of which the man is the agent, influenced by Hannah Arendt’s proposition: ‘the transgression thus implies the capacity of the man has to act in good conscience’. The power inherent in this way of acting has been theorized by several thinkers of the oriental world. This is a logic of complexity and freedom.

It is necessary to consider the phenomenon of experience differently, to perceive the various levels of reality which form someone.To go beyond misleading appearances, to reach the veiled reality and activate the lumiere of intellect according to personal capacity.